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These tangible differences were made in recent years thanks to the thousands who switched to Shaklee Green Clean.

2007 Statistics:

10 million pounds of packaging waste was kept out of landfills
23 million pounds of greenhouse gas was eliminated. 

2008 Statistics: 
38 million pounds of packaging waste was kept out of landfills 
88 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions was eliminated 

Add this additional green diddy of a detail...

purchases of  just Shaklee Basic H2 have eliminated the equivalent of 2.7 BILLION bottles of conventional 26 ounce window cleaner.

If placed end to end those bottles would wrap around our earth 18 times!!

Boy,  does that make me proud. 

Here are FIVE small steps that can help make a difference for our planet:

ONE...Conventional Cleaning products can contain questionable chemicals in them. Our green cleaning products are sustainably sourced from natural sources, using activated enzymes and cleaning agents that biodegrade. Simply switching keeps toxins away from your family. Everything you need to wipe the toxic slate clean in your home and office is in the kit. You have nothing to lose, but a lot of dirt and a lot of toxins !!

TWO...Use the disherwasher. The EPA says that an energy effecient dishwasher uses only 4 gallons of water per cycle compared to that of handwashing, as well as saves $40 in energy costs and 230 hours of washing time. Our dishwasher concentrate was the very first phosphate free automatic detergents ever made. Phosphates are a major source of water pollution 

THREE...Stop using anti-bacterial soap. I didn't know that Triclosan, a very common ingrediant in those types of products, ends up in our water source and is acutely and chronically toxic to aquatic life. Not to mention a host of other horrific concerns. 

Our remarkable plant sourced concentrated hand wash product is completely soap free, ph balanced, hypoallergenic and its surfactants are biodegradable. Not to mention anti-bacterial free.

FOUR...Bring your own bag. I find this one a no brainer. Thousands of years to decompose plastic?  Forget it. Get a reusable bag that means something to you and spread the word about a company that walks it's talk, if you have something to share don't keep it a secret.

FIVE...If your going to spend, choose to spend with a socially responsible company. Your consumer dollars are the power that foster more environmentally responsible actions and products. Additionally our company was the very first in the entire world ever to obtain climate neutral certification and totally offset it's greenhouse gas emmissions.